Introducing Speeq: A Humble Start to Voice Translation

Hello, I’m the developer behind Speeq. It’s a small project I’ve started to explore the realm of real-time voice translation. While it currently offers basic functionality, I see it as a foundational step in a longer journey. Let’s look at what Speeq currently brings to the table.

Speeq App

Technologies Behind Speeq

  • Desktop Integration: Tauri
  • Frontend: React ,TypeScript and Tailwind CSS

What Speeq Can Do Now

  • Basic Voice Translation: Speeq can translate voice inputs in its current phase. It’s simple but effective.
  • Potential for Platform Integration: The vision is to eventually integrate with platforms such as Discord and Zoom.

The Speeq Website: An Introduction and Design Showcase

I’ve also crafted a website for Speeq, which not only introduces the app but also showcases the design system I’ve built specifically for it.

Speeq Website

It’s a testament to the cohesive visual identity I envision for Speeq as it grows and evolves. The site is minimalist yet informative, reflecting the core ethos of the project.

The Path Forward

Speeq, in its current state, offers only the foundational functionalities. There’s much to be done, and I’m open to feedback, insights, and collaborations to help it grow.

Join the Journey

While Speeq is still in its early days, I believe in its potential to grow into something much bigger. If you’re interested in seeing where this can go, or have any suggestions to offer, I’d love to hear them.

For those keen on exploring more or even contributing to the project, feel free to check out the GitHub repository. Let’s embark on this journey together and see where our collective efforts can take Speeq!